profilepic2I am Manu Dixit, designer and engineer. Most of my work focuses on the experiences that people have with digital products and services. I believe in openness, whether it be of thoughts or the source code. 

I’ve worked and led projects internationally in Asia, Africa and Europe as a Senior UX Consultant, In-house Designer and as Systems Engineer for Human Factors International and Infosys. I’ve also worked on industry-academia collaboration projects with organisations like One Laptop Per ChildAdidas, Motorola, Government of India, Copenhagen KommuneIKEA, Art RebelsBarclays etc.

At present, I am based out of Copenhagen, working on Interaction design and research projects at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and pursuing a career in experience design. Here is a picture of our studio:

Creative Coding

As an undergrad I studied Computer Science Engineering, with some of my friends I co-founded Linux Users Group Bikaner, evangelising the use of free and open source technologies.

I started programming when I was 12 years old or so. Along the way I’ve taught myself electronics, hardware, C and C++, Python, Processing, LAMP and front-end web stuff, bits and pieces of assembly, cobol and some other low level languages. After completing my engineering I joined a software company as a System Engineer.

After that, I studied cognitive science and experience design and gradually transitioned into a designer’s role. For my second job, I travelled to some places around the world as a designer and user researcher. I got a chance to talk to a lot of people, from various backgrounds and cultures, heard a lot of stories about their work and life in general. I think I would continue my efforts on similar lines and will enjoy a life like this for a very long time.

In my free time I enjoy teaching physics, mathematics and computer science to kids, playing badminton, cricket, tennis, swimming, driving and cooking vegetarian food.

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This web space is dedicated to my personal ideas, projects and experiences. I respect corporate NDAs so my public portfolio doesn’t contain any of the related work.