Exams over , but some are left , I am back to slow blogging with this .

Directing to the topic, my recent school of thoughts argued about the art of walking. Walking as wiki says is one of the main gaits of locomotion, but thats not what we deal with this post. I feel walking is one of those things which has hidden flavors to it, its like seeing new things , experiments Yes thats the whole idea , walking is a sought of experiment which starts from the childhood and never ends . If you walk more, you see more and if you see more , you get more and the circle expands. Getting into the core , say if one stops walking , imagine what all things can happen  , the answer can be varied , but if you stop walking , you cannot play , you cannot see places …

There are certain things which you only get while walking , as getting the current news while walking on the railway stations , some of the hot discussions are made while walking , I think talking while walking ( as they say it on the TV ) provides a healthier way to exchange thoughts , we all do this ( or may be I do it often ) , but the concept dissolves in the talk and the interest shifts to some other things. Ahh , walking as an art of balancing one self on two legs , which is a very complicated maneuver, some robots can also do it but it requires a lot of mechanics and coding to simulate it . A walk can also have emotions related to it like the very first walk which one child takes , its marked very deep in his parents heart. A walk ( tentative long walks) between lovers 🙂 (everybody knows what happens there) , a walk between a father and son , and the final walk on somebodies shoulders . Lots of emotions , walking can also become the most famous dance move of the world, no donuts for guessing , M.J’s Moon Walk (RIP, you’ll be the superstar of superstars Jackson) , it seems to interest me about the kind of walk one remembers , i remember my long walks with my sister and uncle, and also with my friends in my hostels days , where we just walked for our selfs and enjoyed Chaach ( a milk product ) mean while, a walk to remember (oh )  . Coming back to Walking The ART , walks on a whole describes the life and the moments which one lives , walking is getting to a target , finding ways to reach ones goals , the joy in the walking to a destination is more than the joy of reaching there. And as they say , ” Walks.The body advances, while the mind flutters around it like a bird.”

Keep On Walking

Music: Chala jaata hoon , kisi ki dhun mein , dhadakte dil ke taraane liye ..

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