Long shadows

Do not go gentle into that goodnight, see some long shadows in the remaining light. Yesterday, I saw some of the longest shadows of my life, the sun was at a very low angle above the horizon and shadows were very long. It was strange for me because the summer solstice is still a month away… Continue reading

Hot Air Ballooning

On a chilly Sunday morning, got up at 4 AM and drove around 40 kms to a farm in Sterkfontein with the team. We were scheduled to fly in a hot air ballon over the scenic landscape just outside Johannesburg. The sun was still not out even after reaching the destination. We were around 30 folks,… Continue reading


Most of us become an explorer when we go to a city for the first time, we try to know more about the places , about the culture , food… But when we leave a city behind it becomes something like a love affair 🙂 here is a video which I made on my last… Continue reading

is it a bird ?

College is over , now what to do ?? We recently celebrated the Independence day , I thought to post this post on that day but couldn’t. Well its here now. When I was a kid we used to go to a place called Gulab baag (Rose garden), where I played cricket as most young… Continue reading

filmi chakkar

“Then I met a third kind. Sometimes in my dreams I can still see them making that long last walk. They never faulted. They never so much as broke their stride. But above all hows, I remember his eyes, how they looked at me. Clear, defined. Never wavering.“–James Mckinley, a character in Rang De Basanti… Continue reading

here goes

Today I have completed one more revolution around the sun, so officially its a new year for me and a good day to have a blog post. Before starting, very best wishes to one of the most focussed man ever known to me , Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar , (I would always cherish the happy memories… Continue reading

The Color Theory

Primary School : Blue Shirts , Royal Blue shorts Middle School : Blue Shirts , Grey Pants Secondary : Blue Shirts , White Pants Senior School : All white note : In winter I used to have Royal Blue Blazers. Well On the Einstein’s Birthday I give the world my color theory with this post…. Continue reading