The Color Theory

Primary School : Blue Shirts , Royal Blue shorts

Middle School : Blue Shirts , Grey Pants

Secondary : Blue Shirts , White Pants

Senior School : All white

note : In winter I used to have Royal Blue Blazers.

Well On the Einstein’s Birthday I give the world my color theory with this post.

Colors as Colours – see the spelling differences

Colours as they say are  “Cool Outrageous Lovers of Uniquely Raw Style” or simply the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans to the categories called red, yellow, blue … The idea of the post is to relate the world with colours in general and in 1st class AC.

What Colors mean ?

The first impression which comes to me when I hear or see the word ‘color’ is blue, I really like it , but I am here to write about the second impression which comes to me. Which says ‘colors as experiences’ , I believe colors comes to you with your experiences like learning to ride a bicycle brings the color “green for going ” , eating mangoes (Ha , I literally wanted to marry mangoes when I was in 5th or 6th class, but then I changed my mind ) brings the yellow color,  the dark shades of grey and black & browns feels like the villains or the situations which went the opposite way eg. coming second last in a test where everyone above you are girls except the topper who you dislike the most and the pain when he impresses everybody ( aaj bahut ho gaya , kal se padhai , aur iss baar topper ki essi ki tayasii ) . Moral: “We are living  colorful lives”.

The Color Divide

Colors do divide sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. But I dont divide colors for the bad and nobody should ( A Lesson ) . The divide can be shown through cartoons, films and other forms of popular expressions  : Popeye with Spinach shows green, Jonny Bravo shows yellow and Karan Johar’s movies puts in frosty blue kind of things completely different from that of RGV’s with all black or dark ones.

Painting with the right colors – hmm lets try

A painting or a drawing filled with all the right kind of shades can give some astounding effects take M. F Husain’s paintings, beautiful thoughtful form of art,  but some people are unable to understand the colors and their artistic freedoms. I have to admit many a times I also miscalculate like while at college studying computer science (which I am still trying )  my initial thoughts were greatly inspired by the colours of my school days , very bright and right. But as it is coming to an end , there is a sense of unease somewhere inside about what to do now , or how will it end or what after it ? Its like  “Dunia ka nara: Jame Raho” , the color seems to be changing pretty quickly , and I suppose its the case with the majority at its side. There is a one point question : Which colors to choose now ? First alternate revolves around what are the achievements and the second one takes me towards what I left . But then , was this all about getting somewhere , and achieving some things or its bigger than that, which I may not understand now. See colors have started causing confusion. I define this as the situation of the undefined.

Let them sing

A probable solution to the undefined state was infact  given to me by Stone Cold ( a wrestling superstar ) on TV some long time ago when I used to be a great fan , he said “Cease the moment and it’ll echo forever “, whatta great thought.  Let you colors sing and the delicious ambiguity called life will taste good. Trying different colors can also be good , some days before I got to know about a technique called the Role Reversal from a friend of mine. Its like, doing what you would have never done and reacting to the situation in the exact opposite way of yours. It can be fun sometimes and it would help to know your true colors. Even J. K Rowling , used it as she plotted Harry’s character the complete opposite of you know who. To me ,  Colors looks real , and chances are that White is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red and as definite as black…

My posts do have happy endings.

Music : Aajao patang leke , Apney hi rang leke , Aasmaan ka shamiyana , …. Baasi zindagi udaasi , Taazi hasney ko raazi , Garma garma saari ,Abhi abhi hai utaari..

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  1. Kartik Manocha

    Well firstly i must appreciate your style and purpose of writing this post. Appropriate definition and meaning of colors related to life is depicted properly.
    Kudos to this color theory of yours.

  2. admin

    I was planning this way back , but didnt got the right moment to write it down . Today was the day, thank you for the appreciation .

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