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Today I have completed one more revolution around the sun, so officially its a new year for me and a good day to have a blog post.

Before starting, very best wishes to one of the most focussed man ever known to me , Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar , (I would always cherish the happy memories that you have given to me or in fact to the whole country, Sir).

The whole idea here can be extracted from a very thoughtful excerpt taken from Alice and wonderland :

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?  That depends a good deal on where you want to get to. Said the Cat. I don’t much care where — Said Alice. Then it doesn’t matter which way you go, said the Cat.”

Days come and go but what stays ? a recent thought in my head asked me , I was not able to answer it but still i am writing this post to remember some days that just went through me.

Engineering, I never thought what I was looking forward to do, may be because the word Engineering excited me a lot and others made it even more exiting. But, now being in the last phase of  it , I’ve started to have some definition of it in my own terms and I hope every body would have their own definitions. Though this meaning is hard to write but still here goes ..

DAY 1 : The moment I came to Bikaner, “Garmi” (a season usually between spring and autumn , but here it extends almost throughout the year ) became the key word , coming from a happy watery place called Udaipur , it was the most obvious thing that came to my mind. After starting when my father left me back alone , in a hostel , in the middle of the desert , I felt like … aap samajh hi sakate hain , on that very same day I gathered enough strength and scribbled some life defining serious notes on my school diary – which after that I always carry where ever I go – and went to sleep thinking what is in store for me for the next 4 years.

DAY 3 : We had a very rickety kind of a way from my hostel to the college , and I tell you , I’ve seen some of the most exclusive species of animals and plants on my way from hostel to college and vice versa. Yes, I remember , coming early to the college that day our branch was celebrating Teacher’s Day function and as a non talkative person I was sitting on back benches with a group of people where nobody knew nobody and some how due to the abundance of hard luck and some other things I accidentally banged into the most ruling seniors of the time (who initially I thought of as being a lab assisted or something like it) I cannot name him here , (hint: the sir name starts with Rai***) , and he went crazy on me , I sensed serious trouble. I was nearly gone on that day ,  aur ab toh aap samjh hi sakte hain what would have happened to a fresher on that day if you know that senior. On that, day I recognised a lot of sides of me and got the true meaning of a very famous sentence “If The Phone Doesn’t Ring, It would be Me.”

DAY 4 to 2nd year : I met very very interesting people , and a lot of them changed my views about life and things like that. I remember the incident when I shifted to a room of 3 unknown people and they gave me one of the most strange looks which I was not used to get. But then I  learnt a lot from them, specially from the tall guy. One more incident or a series of them called as aandhi/toofan (fast moving wind/dust ) , one such day was my mathematics II paper , and as always I had to prepare 3 out of 5 units in the night before and suddenly light went out and aandhi/toofan hit us and chaos spread in the whole of our hostel as I wasn’t the only one who had left 3 units. My room mate had an UPS and a table lamp , which helped us for half an hour and in those 30 mints , till this date , I’ve never cramped so much. Paper went well I got 40 + marks and I thanked the almighty , in some sense the meaning of preparing early came to my mind but it quickly got lost in the following exams.

2 year DAYS : Most of the second year nights went gazing on the sky on the hostel’s terrace ( I loved it ) , with me and my new friend (kool) listening to FM which was just launched in the city and counting planes. This year was also marked with the keyword Team work which was a rather familiar term to me but with new twists , first instance was a Teachers day video , which a group of 4 people (including me , a good coder , a localite  and the guy who used to count planes with me in nights ) , it marked the first over night work for most of us in college. One more instance was a Freshers party and I credit the most of it to a single persons death defining sacrifice (though he didnt worked that much , we call him CP ) . Going through all of these I realised that I was in the center of a lot of fresh people with a whole lot of zeal to do things and I learnt a lot of things like exception handling ( I had a lot of exceptions , in the mean time) . Overall , a good second year , I even scored good.

Some 3rd year days : With 3 other people ( tall guy , kool and cp), I decided to shift to a house in some place where you can see people ( in hostel you can only see cows , crows and camels and other fellows and rats , but not people) looked rosy at that time and we decided to socialize the life , initial days were pretty expensive and hard working and auto riding , but soon we settled down , got a bike (51 % share ) , and we were all set to behave like seniors (isnt that cool ? ), I got a lot in this year too , name it : micro processor lab was the best lab I had , got to know about FOSS and Freedoms and some other tech stuff and even made a film with a crew of very good people , where everybody has ideas and everybody used to fight , but we finally made it working.

Days after 3rd year: Were bigger and busier though I have not attended any classes.  The starting wasnt good , but this time was the best of times, starting with my first online event  for which me and one of my good friend did a hell lot of planing and these days indeed were the best days of engineering because a) we were at the top and nobody would question us  , b) met so many new people and worked with as many new people , c) busiest days of my life waking at 7 am to sleeping at 4 am  packed for the weak . I appreciate the works of everyone who were involved and their patience for listening to me 😉 . The days after that , had more action , trip to the southern part of the country with a group of friendly juniors, meeting people who I always admired , making some international friends and on the top of all getting a chance to see India and its beauty. These days are still counting and I am still enjoying my engineering.

So, this was my definition of engineering which I believe depends on the events and actions which you come across and the freedom of moments which would echo afterwards. I’ve learned a lot and may be getting closer to engineering my life.

Thanks for reading such a long post , would appreciate hearing your definitions of engineering as well.

Music : oooh ooh ooh kyse kyse yeh rang hai , dekho na … la la laa life is crazy , kahati hai umang …

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  1. Bishal

    well …very efficiently compiled definition of so-called so-supposed ENGINEERING…
    My definition wud also b on some wat same lines…just add a few more spices to it….aap samajh hi gaye honge….n numbers of pangas….lots of Ethyl Hydro-oxide + nicotene 🙂

    But very well written…loved it 🙂
    Best part was of tht hostel description ..
    All the Best

  2. Ashish

    First of all, a very happy birthday again…

    phew… a big sigh after an intense read…loved it… 🙂

    thought provoking… positive and wonderfully penned..beautifully written !!!

    your views on engineering are more-than-partially similar to mine. I was also trying to write something on that issue and now you gave me a platform indicating,’it can be written.’

    this is beautiful!!
    these 4 years are great 🙂
    your post just reminded me of it 🙂

    So many beautiful punches in your post viz. addressing modes of friends, ragging, hostel and specially ‘exclusive species of animals and plants :D’…hahahaa…ROFL:)

    “a picture speak a thousand words, here words seem to be painting a thousand pictures!”

    Me like 🙂

    P.S.- I couldn’t get the name of faculty, would you like to tell me ?

    1. admin

      Thanks for the appreciation , I would have told the name in public, but I think we should respect the privacy of that person as he gave me a lesson , will tell you in person though 🙂 , again just like you , I love the tulshi kunj days , and its sun sets , and walks to bajarang dhora and exams and IPL and the list is endless.. ab toh aap samjh hi gaye honge .


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