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Then I met a third kind. Sometimes in my dreams I can still see them making that long last walk. They never faulted. They never so much as broke their stride. But above all hows, I remember his eyes, how they looked at me. Clear, defined. Never wavering.“–James Mckinley, a character in Rang De Basanti


Main agni ko sakshi maan kar , yeh likhta hoon ki :
Todays topic is not philosophical its fictional. I am talking about movies , b/hollywood , HD and some filmi chakkar  (but it will continue afterwards .. )


Lets go back in time , year 20000BC , no not so back, some months back I had a chance to experience a rather interesting situation , we had a journey to some other city of the state to get jobs , and as a matter of fact I was not selected (went out in the first round, gave chance to other fellows 😉 ) , so I was (as usual) helping others for their interviews. The night before the interviews , I was with some a bunch of usual guys giving expert thoughts and almost behaving like a HR. Next day, everybody dressed upto the best, in whites , blues and greys (except some like me who were in different colors) with their resumes , certificates and things packed in decent looking folders, were visible chatting in the college premises. There was something in the air that day, all were in different domain of mind. I tried to create some humour to ease some pressure, they laughed for a bit, but I was almost unsuccessful. Then, the interviewees were called and everybody were giving everybody else some advices, looking at it at that time , the play felt pretty animated , talked to many new people , discussed new topics ,even took mock interviews of some.  But somewhere down the throat I was analysing their expressions and ultimatly their eyes , which were the point of my concern. I am unable forget the glare, recently I was looking at the pics of that day, given ..(continued afterwards … )


One exceptionally different situation came a couple of months later, where with some fellows I went to a village near the India-Pakistan border to teach some children studying in government secondary school. The idea was to familarize people who haven’t seen computers with the technology , I would thank the OLPC initiative and people involved in it to provide such a great platform of knowlegde sharing at the very basic grass roots. So, the thing was very different than the usual , experiences like going (:o) and bathing in open air were first hand. Small kids dressed up in their uniforms (some werent) coming to school at 7 in the morning and we teached them how to use a laptop specially designed for school going kids. We were treated like the crew of apollo 13 (well the space craft that went to the moon ) , I enjoyed the respect that they had for us. Meanwhile , the thing which interests me were kids , simple and simpler , and the way they asked questions and the way they looked at me , curious eyes. And I can say only one thing , if you were at my position you would have felt the DNA in there.


So whats the whole point , everything continues back here . As far as I can remember, I was (am) always facinated about movies, specially science fiction ones and things which were out of the blue. Now if I draw a line between the above two situations I get almost similar shades on both the side of the line (which I just drawed), the trouble is that I am not getting the difference. Its like differentiating a mango with another mango. To find the reason, I decided to ask some intelligent questions to myself which i am not writing here (because they were pretty intelegent questions, ;)). And then I came to a conclusion :


In practice, the postcard of monalisa is not as good as the Leonardo’s one.
In simple words, I was looking at the situation as a second person or a first person, someone who was involved in all that whereas in movies you are a third person, narrated a story to. It was not a movie, not HD, it was real, and boy ! I loved it, offcource, with the curiosity and the science component of it , everything was an experience that B/Hollywood couldnt give me and I can still remember the words of a girl (I dont know her name) which she spoke , while we’ve having dinner after the interviews were over and I can say that it created one small some kind of a change in me and the way I see things around, some of you might have had such experiences as well.
Keeping the pace with my last post which was about engineering I want to add something called a bond (between you and others), a small group of people ( I say small , keeping in mind the relative population of our country), and in that bond there is something which they have for you and you have for them and you cant explain it to some one else who was not in that small group of people. And by some or the other way around everyone becomes a part of these small groups of people and these become the most powerful things you can ever own because you are the central character here [Emphasis added].

getting good in preparing Kichadi, don’t I .

Music : Jaisa filmo mein hota hai, ho raha hai hu bahu …

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    yeh! this “khichadi” is really delicious 🙂 I was not present with you at those places but I can feel the desi taste (reality)… so keep writing …

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