Hi, I am

Manu Dixit 👋🏼

I design & build products based on researchCIID alumnus.

Selected projects






Eros Now

Streaming entertainment service, serving 70 million+ users in over 100 countries.

  • Designed streaming products on web, apps on iOS, Android and major TV platforms.
Optimised key user flows (onboarding, payments, engagement…), helped reach 8M+ paying subscribers within 3 years.
  • Awarded the best of Apple TV Entertainment app for 2016/17 by Apple, iOS app rated 4.5/5 (1M+ installs), Android app rated 4/5 (10M+ installs).

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Standard Bank

Channel design projects, optimise digital/ physical touchpoints and service interactions between bank’s staff and customers.

  • Lead detailed design and usability testing efforts for 10+ applications for Standard Bank
  • Design for desktop, web, mobile and ATM applications, for bank’s staff and customers.
  • Create and curate UX objects, interface standards, research insights & reports. Stakeholder/client management, planning, budgeting, recruitment, training activities.

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IKEA – Fresh living lab

Home automation concept + qualitative research on in-door environments in Scandinavia 

  • Designed and prototyped modular devices for a future product line of IKEA’s sustainable living solutions.
  • Contributed to setup IKEA’s Innovation lab The Future of Fresh Living in Copenhagen with Space 10.
  • Device “Vāyu” got featured in the IKEA’s key highlights for 2016 and other leading design publications.

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One Laptop Per Child

Inexpensive device + educational apps for Children in developing countries

  • Localisation of apps on Sugar OS – XO Laptops 
  • Community building, training and prototyping a model village
  • One of the kind sustainable project in South East Asia, featured on laptop.org

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