“How much does our Life weighs ?

Imagine for a second that you are carrying a backpack , I want you to feel the straps on your shoulders , feel them . I want you to  pack it , with all the stuff in your life , start with the little things , like things on the shelves , drawers , table , collectables , nick knacks .. Feel the weight that adds up . Now start adding larger stuff – cloths , table top appliances , lamps, your T V , PC (backpack should be getting a bit heavy now ) ,    Go Bigger , add your bed , kitchen tables  , stuff it all . Now , your car , your bikes, get them in there  , your home – whether its a studio apartment or 2 bed room house , I want you to stuff it all into that backpack . Now try to walk …

Its kind of hard isn’t it ?

This is what we do to ourselves on a daily basis  , we weigh ourselves down until we cant even move and make no mistake, moving is living .

Now I gonna , set that backpack on the fire , what are you goining take out from that ? photos , photos of the people who you cant remember , let the photos burn . In fact , let everything burn and imagine waking up tomorrow ,  with nothing . Its kind of exhilarating , isnt it ?”

—- Taken from Up in the Air

Now why have I written this , you may have guessed , its full of thoughts and can be discussed on the way back to home from the college , or sitting anywhere with your friends. I see the dependencies of myself and people around on certain things which they count over anything else , its a bit confusing to me , that a thing which I desired way back , is with me and I dont care now if its with me anymore , because I have used it over years and in some meaning, it has lost the importance . So what do I do now , throw it away , or keep it , saying it belonged to me and once I loved it .

Again , what about moment of change , the fundamentals of our livings are  based around getting the things which we want to desire and than throw them away , or any thing else. Its kind of a strange experiment , in which I don’t know what my goal state is , or what I actually want  , and I think some people (not more)  would feel alike. So what now , I recently read some article by Pranav Mistry , named ” Leonardo of the 21st century ” and then onward a thought inside me began questioning the assumptions that people knew “how to think about the physical world“. In a way we know now how to create medicines , planes , space crafts and what not , but still we are not able to stave of famine , epidemics and poverty .

My point here is not to underestimate our way of living and stuffs but to redefine the concept of thinking. Why do we remember , Leonardo , Enstein etc may be because they thought about the technology not as tools but as  grasslands of inventions which dealt with how man “works” and finding things around it.

Again , the question is not if but how ? May be I am insufficient to answer, what the answer  really is , or what I really want or how to get to the things which which are really important than those which i desire .

In some ways, possibly ,  we should start thinking like the way we thought when we were kids , I see a lot of kids solving problems around them with such a beautiful delight that I guess they dont see a problem like a problem , instead they see it like a way of getting better. Today , we are living in a world full of intelligent people, which was not  like the case with our ancestors , we have a chance to really “make it” , technology is growing too , just we have to make a little bend  and help towards a cumulative growth which takes everyone with itself and leaves only darkness and sufferings  behind.

I was in a lot doubt till i wrote this post and still i am , but as they say ” you can go into a pitch black room full of evil, darkness and light a little candle – instantly that darkness flees  but you can’t do the opposite. ”

Hoping to write a bit better next time , full of thoughts .

Music : Sun goes out, you’ll be standing .You’ll be standing all alone .. Don’t know where, where they’re going . Don’t know where, where they’ve been ..

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  1. priyanka

    i read this post n truely speaking i had to read it 3 timess to understand wht the actual interpretation is….n finalyy with all joggling i can say it was very nicee


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