Manu Dixit

Designer and Engineer

Some things I do

Observe people, behaviour and practices

Design products, platforms and services

Build open source hardware and software

Dream about things, embracing imperfectness


Prof. Work by Industry Sector


Lead usability studies and user research for one of the largest bank in Africa. Also, worked as subject matter expert and mainframe developer for banks in America.


Developed localisation strategies and designed omni channel digital experiences for major telecommunication companies in Europe and India.


Carried user resarch and developed user generated content strategies for major Ecommerce and Retail giants in Europe and India.

Interactive Media

Designed experience centres and interactive media installations for IT majors in India. Also, directed a documentary film for the national AIDS awareness program.


Initiated the One Laptop Per Child project in Northern India. Founding member of Linux Users Group Bikaner, FOSS evangelist and technical speaker.

Health Care

Contributed in user research and product development for preventive health care systems and assisted fresh living in Asia and Europe.

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